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These terms and conditions govern your use of our services and our website Bestway.fr, as the upload of content on it and on the websites of our affiliates and downloading from these, which are incorporated into this website Internet (hereinafter collectively of “Bestway”; each photograph, illustration, image, other pictorial or graphic work loaded or downloaded is referred to as “work” and services available on the website are collectively “Services”). By using the Services or the Website, you agree to these conditions. If you entered into another contract with us regarding special services, the conditions of this contract shall prevail if it conflicts with these conditions. If you use our Bestway.fr and our Services on behalf of an entity, these conditions apply to it and its affiliates. In such cases, you certify that you are authorized to compel the entity to comply with these conditions. 1. Site Description Internet 1.1 General Description. The Web site includes a virtual market place for the purpose of uploading and downloading Works. In addition, the Website is generally divided into two sections: one public and one private. Including the public section offers to all visitors with general information on the Website, the ability to view and search for Works on the Website, as well as to review and post comments on our blog and on our official forum. The private section is only accessible by members. This section provides the latter (in addition to all the services available in the public section). 1.2 Registration. Each visitor can register to become a registered member (hereinafter a “Member”) by creating an account with us. During registration, each member may accept a default country designation (together with language and currency designations pre-determined to match the country) as the IP address from which they access the Website. We allow each member to indicate a different country from the one determined by default (but the language and currency must correspond to previously established that other countries). The information entered during registration can not be changed later. The Member must also specify if registered as an individual or on behalf of a company or entity (in this case, he must indicate the name). 1.3 Upload. Loading any implemented by the Member shall be made through its own account and such Work shall be subject to auContrat Upload and restrictions set by the Member at the time of the upload. The Contract upload is incorporated herein by reference terms. We can also secure upload of works to certain types of restrictions. (Commercial use, for example) 1.4 Download. The downloading of any Work by the Member must be accomplished through its own account and such Work shall be subject to the Standard License Agreement or License Agreement Area, as well as criteria by the Member which has conducted its upload . Downloading Agreement is incorporated into these Terms by reference. A Member may download a Work for the purposes of personal use of the Website and you accept the download of the said Contract Work. 1.5 Confidentiality. By using the Services or the Website, you accept the terms of the Privacy Policy. 1.6 API. Your use of our application programming interface (hereinafter the “API”) is subject to our agreement relating to the API, incorporated herein by reference terms. 1.7 Affiliate Program. Your participation in our Affiliate Program is subject to our Agreement to Affiliate Program, incorporated herein by reference terms. 2. Considerations généralesHaut You may not use the Services if a) you have the legal capacity to enter into this Agreement and to the extent b) your use does not violate the law. 3. Your use of ŒuvresHaut 3.1 Restrictions. You can only upload the Works on the Website or download from it in accordance with these conditions and to upload or download Contract Agreement. You can not use, reproduce, distribute, display or create derivative works based on any Works that appear on the Website except conclusion of an Agreement download from you and you can only do that in extent expressly permitted by the said Agreement. 3.2 Property Rights. Any ownership rights attached to all works is transferred to any sale of these is carried on the Website or through. Only the rights expressly granted by the sub-license under the Download Agreement are granted on the Website or through it. Our licensors and us retain all ownership rights to the works. These works are covered and protected by copyrights, rights to trademarks and other intellectual property of our licensors and those we enjoy in this regard. 4. Your use of the Site InternetHaut 4.1 General license on your content. Besides the necessary licenses relating to works listed in the upload and download Contract Agreement, you are required to give us some licenses for your uploaded or published on the Website. When you upload content (like your comments on our blogs) related to the Services, you grant us a non-exclusive, worldwide, royalty-free, which can give rise to the grant of a sublicense and a transfer, use, reproduce, publicly display, distribute, modify (to improve the presentation of your content, for example), publicly and translate the contents, as necessary, to meet the user’s needs (such as when you choose to store your content in private or share it with others). This license is only granted for the purposes of operating and improving the Services. 4.2 Responsibility. We are not under an obligation to examine a work or other content uploaded or downloaded from the Web site and assume no liability in this regard. We are authorized to accept, reject, delete, move or edit any content at Work or uploaded or published on the Website. If upload or publication of a Work or content on the Website by you or using your account, you remain solely responsible for the Work or such content or other element . 4.3 Content on other websites. We assume no liability for any content appearing on other Internet sites to which you can access from the Website, including on a blog, the comments on this blog, or forum on the Website. 4.4 Amendment. We can always edit, update, or stop one or all of the services on the Website. We can always delete or revise any item found on our website, that for any reason without notice to you, including any restrictions due to concerns relating to intellectual property rights, appropriate licenses or our contractual obligations or legal matters. We are not required to put or keep available the Website, a particular part of it or a related service. 5. RestrictionsHaut 5.1 You must not make improper use of the Services or the Website. For example, you must not: allow another person to download your photos. sell photos to another person or entity; use the Website in a manner prohibited by this Agreement or violate any applicable laws; load or post to the Website or use it to transfer any Work or other element that is targeted or protected by copyright, the rights to a trademark or other relating to intellectual property, unless you own or control such rights or have received all necessary consents; load or post to the Website or use it to transfer a Work or defamatory, libelous or otherwise defamatory, obscene or indecent; load or post to the Website or use it to transfer a Work or content that contains or constitutes viruses, worms, Trojan horses or other code with malicious features, disruptive or destructive; attempt to gain unauthorized access to computer equipment, software systems or networks related to the Website or obtain services or deliberately not made available information on the Website or through him; attempt to gain unauthorized access to the account of another person or entity, otherwise disrupt the use of the Website to any other person or entity, or resort to inaccurate or misleading information (eg. names, email addresses or false or misleading URLs) when using the Website, particularly as regards the origin or source of any Work, or other item content you upload or any identifying information for your account. 5.2 You may not use the Website in a fraudulent way or otherwise not provided a clear way. For example, you can not download works for the primary purpose of artificially surcoter ranking a contributor or in the trigger, a sham, payments to contributors. A contributor, or someone acting on its behalf can not download a Work charged by him.
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